How to connect an existing Shopify page with Yakkyofy

If you are already selling a product and you want to start using Yakkyofy as a supplier for that item, you can connect your pre-existing Shopify Page with your Yakkyofy dashboard without changing the URL of the page. 

It is really easy. You have to search the product in our catalog and if you don’t find it there, you can ask for a quotation with our Chrome Extension. 

Then enter inside the product page, choose your store and click the “Override” button that you will find at the end of the import process.



Our system will ask you to insert the name of your product on your Store. After finding the product you will see this page and choose your options.



You will see 3 different options:

  • Override Title

  • Override Pictures

  • Override Description

Select the option that you prefer and if you don’t want to change your page appearance just unclick all the options.

In this way, you will only change the SKU and the price of the products inside your product page and nothing else.

Then just click on the “Override” Button.

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