WooCommerce Plugin

  • How to connect your Woocommerce Store?

    To connect a Woocommerce store to your Yakkyofy Account, visit the Yakkyofy Dashboard > Store Tab and click the “Add A Store” Button.  Select Woocommerce and click on “connect now” you will be redirected to our WordPress plugin page.Note that the minimum requirements are:WordPress 5.0+WooComme...
  • Connect an existing Woocommerce page product with Yakkyofy

    If you are already selling a product and you want to start using Yakkyofy as supplier for that item, you can connect your pre-existing Woocommerce Page with your Yakkyofy dashboard without changing the URL of the page. It is really easy. You have to search the product in our catalog and if you do...
  • Automatic Tracking Numbers for Woocommerce

    Every time an order is fulfilled on Yakkyofy, the related tracking number will be automatically uploaded inside your Yakkyofy Order Tab and inside your Woocommerce order.
  • Change currency on Woocommerce

    Notice that if you change the currency of your Woocommerce store, the price that is registered as a number (this is a Wordpress setting, not a Yakkyofy setting) will remain the same. The Woocommerce store will not automatically change your prices, so you will have to modify them all manually.