Can I have email and chat assistance?

Chat assistance will only be available for Yakkyofy Premium users.

It will allow you to contact our customer care and ask any question about our services and products, along with a higher level of support regarding particular requests, private label items, custom packaging.

Yakkyofy Premium users’ requests will also have priority compared to other users’ questions regarding orders, products, shippings and technical issues.

Yakkyofy Free users will still be able to contact Yakkyofy and/or check our tutorials and FAQs thanks to the “Need help?” feature, but only Yakkyofy Premium users will display the “Chat with us” option as shown on this image:

You can also contact us at, but all issues regarding orders, quotations, shippings, returns, refunds, invoices, payments and technical support must be submitted by using the “Contact us” tool displayed on the dashboard.

You will find further information about how to address your requests at this link

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