What is the Orders tab and how does it work?

The Order Tab is divided into 2 sections: 

  1. The Dropshipping Section

  2. The Wholesale Section


In the Dropshipping Tab, you will find the list of all your dropshipping orders and using the filter you can select the order:

  1. paid or unpaid.

  2. fulfilled or unfulfilled

  3. of a specific store

  4. arrived in a specific time span

  5. much more


On the top-right corner of this tab you can find two buttons:

  • the “Import Orders” button

  • the “Checkout” button


The Import Orders is used to import dropshipping orders using an excel or CSV file, there is a specific FAQ that will explain how to do that.

The “Checkout” is used to pay the dropshipping orders.


Inside the table you will see 2 buttons:

  1. the Detail Button

  2. the Action Button


The Detail Button needs to check all the info related to that specific order.

The Action Button, will allow you to make some modifications like pause the order, cancel the order and others.


The Wholesale tab, under the Orders tab menu, is really similar at the dropshipping ones.


There you can see all your Wholesale orders, their details and tracking numbers and also order them as you like by using the filters. 

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