What is the Personal Account Tab and how does it work?

On the right-top corner of your dashboard, you can see an icon with a person, If you click there you will enter in the Personal Account tab.

There you will find three sections:

  • The Profile Section: to change your personal information and consents

  • The Billing Section: to change your billing information

  • The Settings Section: to change software settings like shipping plan, activate deactivate your eWallet, etc…

About the Settings Section, there you can see the “Pricing Logic” Field, where you can set up the margin that you want automatically added to the Yakkyofy price when publishing on your store.

Under “App settings”, you can select important settings about your eWallet, your shipping, and your notifications.

Under “Low Stock Alert” you set an alert that will notify you when your stock level in your Virtual Warehouse reaches the amount that you write inside the box.

Under “Shipping Plan” you can choose if to ship with

  • the Default Shipping Plan

  • the Premium Special Line 

The Default Shipping Plan means that your orders will always be shipped with the fastest shipping method available for that country.

The Premium Special Line Plan means that when possible, your order will be shipped out this the fastest more expensive method available.

Under “Merge Account” you can select an account to merge with the one you are inside in that moment. Some of our customers registered with more that one account and can use this feature to merge all the accounts info and quotations under only one account.


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