How to connect your CommerceHQ store

To be able to connect your CommerceHQ store to Yakkyofy you should follow these simple steps, making sure you have already created a Yakkyofy account before starting:

1. First you should login to your CommerceHQ admin panel;

2. Click on Dashboard>All Tools,

then click on Apps Store;

3. When the Apps Store page will be displayed, click on the  Add a Private App button;

4. Enter the Private app name “Yakkyofy” and make sure all the API permissions will be checked as shown in the following screenshots;

5. Click on the “Add a Private App” button;

6. Click on the “Settings" button next to the newly created app;

7. A popup will show the API Key and the API Password;

8. Login to your Yakkyofy account; Go to the “Stores” section and then click on the “Connect New Store” button;

9. Choose CommerceHQ by clicking on the icon;

10. At this point you will finally display this page:

Here you should just copy and paste the API key and API password of your CommerceHQ App and your store URL in the following format: https//
Once done, click on the “Connect Store” button and your store will be successfully connected.

See our Youtube Video for more information:

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