How to connect Yakkyofy to eBay?

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*Before starting please make sure you have an account set up with eBay

1. Visit the Stores tab on the Yakkyofy dashboard and click on the CONNECT NEW STORE button shown on the right.

2. You will then display a pop up message allowing you to choose eBay, then, you should click on the Install Now button.

3. You will be redirected to eBay where you should log in with your eBay credentials. and accept the terms and conditions for the integration.

4. Once done you should then accept the terms and conditions for the integration.

Once terms and conditions are accepted your store will be properly connected to Yakkyofy.

Please do consider that, due to eBay’s policies on dropshipping, before listing an item on eBay, all users are required to purchase a small amount of products to be kept in our warehouse in Shenzhen. You will not  need to buy huge amounts of items, even 5 or 10 pieces will be enough.

This means that you will need to ask for a stock quotation, purchase the products and wait for them to be uploaded on our Virtual Warehouse before importing a product on your eBay store.
For further information about eBay’s policies on dropshipping you can visit this link.

Jul 14, 2022

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