How to purchase customized packaging?

With Yakkyofy, purchasing packaging and cards with your own logo or text and pair them with the products that you prefer to create your own brand is easy.

Please note that this feature is not available for Yakkyofy Free users, to be able to request manual quotation you should subscribe to our paid plans.

For further information, please visit our Yakkyofy Plans section at this link

Visit PRODUCTS>PACKAGING and select the item you want to buy. Click on BUY, choose if you want to customize your packaging or not.

If you want to upload your logo or your text in AI or PDF format and click NEXT. Keep in mind that the logo will be printed as it appears (same color and shape) in the file that you uploaded. 

Select the quantity for variants. Check your quotation and click on checkout to pay with one of the allowed payment methods. 

You will see an order appear under ORDERS>WHOLESALE and once fulfilled, your packaging inventory will be uploaded to your virtual warehouse.

Now you need to pair the packaging you just purchased to the correct products, to do that go back to PRODUCTS>PACKAGING, select the packaging you just bought, click on MANAGE and you will lend on this page.

Here you will find a different SKU for every customization that you purchased for this packaging. For example, one SKU can be related to blue boxes with your logo and another to red boxes with printed Merry Christmas.

On this page, you can do many different actions, you can:

  • check if you have already some product paired with this packaging variant.
  • buy for a second time the same packaging variant again, clicking on BUY MORE
  • buy a new version of the same packaging (choose a new file to print on it) by clicking on BUY A NEW ONE
  • Pair a product to a packaging variant by clicking on SETTINGS

Once you entered in the SETTINGS you will see this page.


  • if you want to ship all your parcels with that packaging select USE FOR EVERY PRODUCT;
  • if you want to pair this packaging only with some specific products, select between public products and private products. 

Find the item you want to pair and click on the plus button for your own items.

And it is done! Now, as soon as your packaging is uploaded into the Virtual Warehouse, your packaging will be automatically inserted inside the dropshipping orders that contain one of the packagings you have selected.

May 3, 2022

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