How much does Yakkyofy cost?

Yakkyofy does offer a free plan which is accessible by simply signing up to our service.

Yakkyofy Free is free of charge and allows you to pay only for the cost of your orders, it will offer you:

Unlimited Image Search Quotes

2 Wholesale Quotes each 30 days
Unlimited Order Fullfilment
Free Warehouse Space

Along with the possibility to purchase:

Product Evaluation
360 Renders

If you are interested in having further services at your disposal you can access them by subscribing to our paid plans, which will offer more features such as:

Dropshipping Manual Quotes
A higher number of Wholesale Quotes
Custom Packaging
Private Label Products
Website Chat
Priority Assistance
Quality Checks

To find out more details about our plans you can visit the Yakkyofy Plans section of our FAQs here.

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