How to connect your Storeden store

To be able to connect your Storeden store to Yakkyofy you should follow these 4 simple steps, making sure you have already created a Yakkyofy account before starting:

  1. Search for the Yakkyofy app on Storeden’s Apps Market and click on the green INSTALL button you see on the right

  1. Type the email address and the password for your Yakkyofy account and click on LOG IN

  1. At this point your store will be already connected and you will be able to click on the GO TO DASHBOARD button to be redirected to the Yakkyofy dashboard

  1. Once on the Yakkyofy dashboard you will be able to see your Storeden store listed in the Stores tab by selecting the tab on the left side of the screen

Once your store will be connected with Yakkyofy you will also be able to find the products you are looking for by following the procedure shown on this video:


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