How to pay for your subscriptions and get a discount

You will be able to manage the payments for your subscription by following these steps:

1)  Click on the icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Then select the “Subscriptions” option.

3. If you want to upgrade your current plan you can select “Change plan”.

4. You will display this page, on which you can select two payment options: Monthly (30 days) and Annually (365 days).


5. By selecting the “Bill annually” option you will get a 25% discount on the overall fee.


6. Once you selected the billing option you should click on “Subscribe”.


7. At the following page you will be able to fill your credit card information and click on the highlighted button to pay the fee.

Stripe update.png

8. While if you need to change the payment method you can click on “Change Payment Method

It will allow you to change the details of your card by filling the details in the pop up message and clicking on “Add Payment Method

Please note that:

-  Once you will subscribe to our paid plans the billing will be automated, which means that at the end of the monthly (30 days) and annually (365 days) subscription duration a new payment will be billed automatically on your credit card according to the billing information you did provide for the first payment

-  Additional tax charges may apply, depending on the laws in force in the billing country selected

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