How can I use my referral link and which are the limits?

You can share your referral link on your website, blog, youtube channel, with emails to your followers, or with posts on social media and on your community.

Your messages must only contain true and relevant information, ensuring all marketing material is kept up to date.

It is forbidden to trick or mislead Referral Customers to join Yakkyofy with false promises, promotions, or offering services that don’t exist on our website. 

Affiliates are forbidden from “spamming” their link across various communities, forums, social media networks, link farms, comment boxes, and other invasive ways that risk damaging Yakkyofy in any way, such as reputation or brand image.

You, as an Affiliate, hold full responsibility for all advertising and marketing activities you do to gain Referral Customers and Yakkyo Srl takes no responsibility for your actions and your messages.

If for some reason, we believe that you broke one of the rules described in the paragraphs above and in the Yakkyofy Affiliate Program Term of service, we can decide to suspend or permanently block your Affiliate Account.

For more info visit the Yakkyofy Affiliate Program Terms of Services.

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