How does Yakkyofy Affiliate Program work?

We created an affiliate program based on passive monthly commissions and that we feel is really convenient for our affiliates for many reasons.

First of all, collecting referral customers is super easy. You just need to make dropshippers register on Yakkyofy through your affiliate link.

We will give a dedicated bonus to all the persons who register using your referral link, a 15 days free trial for our Yakkyofy Premium Plan. This means that you won’t risk losing any referrals because it will be much more convenient for them to use your link that registers by themself on the website without gaining any special treatment.

Becoming a Yakkyofy’s Affiliate is super easy and also free of charge. You will just need to:

1) signup on our website, then access the Affiliate Tab by clicking the icon at the upper right corner of the screen and then the Affiliate Program option:


2) Read and accept our Terms of Service by flagging the box, then click the Join Now! button:


3) Once you have joined, you will see your Affiliate Dashboard where you will find your affiliate link. You can simply copy and paste this link wherever you prefer to start collecting referral customers.


Also on the top of the page, you will find some other important information, such as the number of your Affiliate, how much you have earned with the Affiliate program, what is the percentage that you collected on all the products purchased, and your referral customers lifetime period.

By default, all our affiliates will get a 3% commission on all the products or susbcriptions paid by their affiliate, this means 3% on the price of all the items purchased in dropshipping or in Wholesale. The revenue we calculate includes only the product price and excludes all the other exceptional fees such as shipping fees, customized packaging fees, VAT, or customs fees.

Under the link, you can see this tab where you will find:

  1. The list of your referrals
  2. The rewards generated by your customers but that you still need to receive.
  3. The rewards that this specific customer has already generated
  4. The date of his subscription
  5. and the validity of your referral. 

Remember that by default, your referrals have a lifetime of 24 months from the date of the registration.

When your customer starts generating commissions for you, you will see your revenue share under “not Credited”. Note that this number is not sure yet and it can change in time. 

In fact every time a customer will purchase a product or subscribe to one of our paid plans your 3% commission will be added to the expected total, but every time your customer cancels or refunds an order the commission will be deducted from the total.

For this reason, before actually crediting you the revenue share that you earned, we need to wait until the order or subscription payment is completed and we are sure that can’t be refunded or canceled. 

This means that the revenue share will be paid 2 months after the order is paid by your referral customer. So for example, on the 1st of April, you will receive all the commissions for the orders generated from the 1st to the 31st of January, the 1st of May all the revenue share for the orders generated in the all month of February, and so on.

On the 1st day of every month, the Yakkyofy system will automatically calculate your revenue share and upload them on your eWallet. 

At this point, you can decide if use it to purchase Yakkyofy services or to transfer them to your PayPal account.

Remember that you can transfer money to your Paypal account only once a month and only for amounts over 50 dollars.

Jun 28, 2022

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