How to import a product from Yakkyofy to eBay

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Due to eBay’s policy on dropshipping, before listing an item on eBay, all users are required to have purchased a little stock for the same item in advance, which can be stocked in our warehouse in Shenzhen. You won’t need to buy a huge amount of items, even 5 or 10 pieces will be enough.

After your stock will be purchased, the supplier will ship the products to our warehouse; as soon as they arrive, according to the delivery time shown in the wholesale quotation request, they will be stocked in the Virtual Warehouse section.

Once the items will be stocked, you will be able to click on Virtual Warehouse and then on the product’s title to start importing the product on your eBay account:

Once inside the product page you should click on Dropshipping.

Select your store and select one of the domains.

Then click on Continue.

Select the variants that you want to import (you will only be able to import the ones which were purchased and stocked) and click “Next”.

Then you will see the SHIPPING COUNTRIES page, where you will be able to get the shipping price for your item for each destination.

If you select one of the countries you will be able to see all the shipping methods available for that country and their costs.
If you select more than one country you will get the Maximum Price, the Minimum Price, and the Average Price.
This will not impact the shipping locations available for your store, if you decide to ship to a country which was not selected while importing, it will not be a problem for our system, the destinations you selected will only have an impact on the price that you are going to import on your store.

Once you’ve selected the countries you can click on Next.

After clicking Next, you will see the Pricing page where you will be able to modify the product variants’ prices, while in the blue box on the right side, you will see the product price, the shipping cost, and the total amount that you would need to pay for purchasing and shipping one product.

Considering that you already purchased the products in advance, even if the product cost will be displayed, you will only need to pay for the shipping when checking out your orders since the system will automatically use the pieces from your inventory.

Below the cost, you will also see an option for selecting your own profit margin percentage, this margin is set by default at 45% but you can actually edit it.

Once your price will be set you can click on Next.

You will then display the final Import tab.

Here you will need to fill in the following information:

  1. A title for the item, for which you can type maximum 80 characters.  
  2. The eBay category for your item, which can also be found by typing a keyword.

Some eBay categories might have additional subcategories which will need to be selected.

You can just click on them to select one of the available options.

  1. Then select the correct eBay policies.

eBay’s policies are designed to ensure a fair and safe trading experience for all eBay users. Complying with eBay’s seller account rules, all customers are required to indicate their payment, shipping and return policies when listing a product on eBay.

When importing a product onto your eBay store, Yakkyofy will ask you to choose the Payment Policy, the Return Policy and the Shipping Policy you did set on eBay.

Note: The policies must be added on your eBay store before you import a product from Yakkyofy. You can find more information about setting business policies on eBay by clicking here.

Please, also make sure to select a Flat shipping policy, using a Calculated policy will generate an error since Yakkyofy already calculates the shipping costs and it is not needed to have the cost calculated by eBay.

  1. And finally add a description for your product.

Then just click on the IMPORT & PUBLISH button.

Jul 14, 2022

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