How to import a product on your store?

After connecting your Yakkyofy dashboard to your Store, you can start importing products from our catalog or from your personal quotations visible in the Quotations>Dropshipping tab on your store.
In both cases, the process will be the same, but for personal quotes you will need to check if in the Dropshipping tab the status of the item is green (approved).

To ask for a Dropshipping quotation you will need to use our Chrome Extension. To find out how to do it just click here 

Let’s say you will decide to import a product from our catalog.

In this case, just click on the product image.


You will be redirected to the product page, where you will be able to see the product's description, all the available variants, and a blue box on the right showing the product price for a single item, the minimum quantity required by the supplier to get a discount and the discounted price you will get if you reach that number of items with your orders. Here you should click on Dropshipping.


Once done you should select your store and click on Continue.


On the following page you will be able to select the variants you wish to import on your store. Once you are done click on Next.


Then you will see the Shipping page, where you will be able to get the shipping price for your item. If you select only one country you will see all the shipping methods available and the price for that country. If you select more than one country you will get the Maximum Price, the Minimum Price and the Average Price.

This will not affect your future shippings, if you will decide to ship to France and you did not select France, it will not be a problem for our system, this will only affect the price that you are going to import on your store.

After checking the costs click on Next.


Then you will see the Pricing page where you will be able to modify prices for each product variant according to your preferences, while in the blue box on the right side, you will see the Product price, the shipping costs and the Total cost.

You will also be able to see an option which does allow you to select your own profit margin percentage, it is set by default to 45% but it can be edited. Once you are happy with the price, just click on Next.


You will display the Import page, here you will also be able to modify the product name, the description and to choose what images you want to show on your store.

In the blue box on the right, you will now see a summary including the full costs for the product and its shipping, the product price shown on your store and your profit.

If everything looks good, you can proceed with importing the product.

You will have 3 options for importing your product.

  • You can click on IMPORT if you want to import it in draft and adjust some details directly on your store.
  • You can click on IMPORT & PUBLISH if you want to publish it directly on your website.
  • You can click OVERRIDE, if you are already selling that product on your store with another supplier and you want to switch to Yakkyofy without changing the page URL. If you press this button, your existing product page will be automatically linked to the Yakkyofy product.


After importing the product, it will appear on the PRODUCT tab on your Shopify store. At this point, you can start selling this item on your store and all the orders related to that product will automatically appear on the Yakkyofy Orders Tab as soon as the order will be marked as paid on your store.

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