How can I import orders on Yakkyofy using an Excel or CSV file?

It is possible to import orders on the Yakkyofy’s dashboard using an Excel or CSV file. 

To do that just visit the Orders> Dropshipping Tab and click the “Import Orders” Button on the right side of your screen.

At this point, you will see this page and download the correct template file to import your orders.

  • Click “CSV template”, if you want to use a CSV file.

  • Click “XLSX template”, if you want to use an Excel file.

Please remember:

  • Do not change the first row (header) of the example file.

  • The first row (header) will be removed automatically by our software

At this point, you have to fill in the file with all your orders, and in the following paragraph, you can read in detail how to do that. 

Notice that every row in the file is one SKU Variant, not one order. The system will automatically unify in the same order all the ROWs that have exactly the same order number and the same shipping details. 

What to write in every column:

  1. quantity: the number of pieces that you want to buy for a specific variant

  2. notes: you can write a note if you like (not required)

  3. shipping Name: your customer Full Name

  4. shipping Address: the customer’s address (without commas or points)    

  5. shipping City: the customer’s address city name (extended)    

  6. shipping Province: the customer’s address province name (extended)        

  7. shipping Zip code: the customer’s address zip code    

  8. shipping Country: the customer’s country name (extended)    

  9. shipping Phone: the customer’s phone number    

  10. shipping Country Code: the customer’s country name (shortcode)    

  11. shipping Province Code: the customer’s address province name (shortcode)     

  12. SKU: the SKU of the variant you want to buy    

  13. order Number: You can insert the number that you prefer, normally we advise our customer to use a number that you can easily match with the orders on your store.

If you want to upload an order with more items inside, remember that the following fields must be identical:

  1. shipping Name

  2. shipping Address    

  3. shipping City

  4. shipping Province        

  5. shipping Zip code

  6. shipping Country

  7. shipping Phone    

  8. shipping Country Code

  9. shipping Province Code        

  10. order Number

After filling in the file with all your orders, just drag it on the Import Orders Tab, inside your Yakkyofy’s Dashboard.

A new window will appear with the recap of all your orders. 

If everything is correct, just click the “Confirm Orders” button.

If there is some mistake, click the “Cancel Orders” button, correct the file and import it again.

For any doubt or question, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care at

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