How do I purchase a stock and get the discount MOQ price?

With Yakkyofy you can easily buy a stock of a product and get a discount if you reach the MOQ discount quantity shown on the product page.

To order this little stock, you will need to visit the product page and click on the Wholesale button.

Then select Stock for dropshipping and click on NEXT.

Select no I don't want any personalization

Select the number of pieces for the variants that you want to buy. The system will automatically show you an estimated quote.

If the price is fine for you, click Send your quote.

Our team will check the availability of your product and approve your requests.

Once your request has been approved, visit Quotations> Wholesale click on your quote, and pay forĀ your order through the available payment gateways.

After paying, the order will be created, you will find it under Orders> Wholesale and your products will be purchased from the supplier.

As soon as your stock will arrive at our warehouse in Shenzhen, the order will be marked as fulfilled and the products will be uploaded in your Virtual Warehouse, ready to be sold in your store

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