Do you have a MOQ, how it works?

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement depends on suppliers and products. Yakkyofy knows that you would always like to keep the flexibility to buy small quantities when you test one product and that you need a competitive price when you scale up to increase your profit. For this reason, Yakkyofy always finds a balance between your need and the supplier’s requirement.

Each product has it own MOQ and normally Yakkyofy can have only one piece of the time, but on 10% of the products there is a MOQ that is impossible to avoid and this happens especially for a small or really cheap item. In this case, our customer care will contact you to ask you to buy the MOQ.

In this case, if the MOQ is 3 and you have only one order, we can buy 3 products, ship one, and keep the other 2 in our warehouse ready to be ship as soon as another order arrives on your store. 

So to recap, the MOQ is the lowest starting quantity that Yakkyofy can buy from Chinese factories or wholesalers. the MOQ for each product can go from 1 piece up. Discount MOQ is the quantity to reach cheaper price segmentation, which means the more you sell the more money you can save. You can see the discount MOQ info and its price on each product page.

Our MOQ is normally calculated on product SKU, not variant, so this means that you can mix colors, sizes, etc… to reach that MOQ.

Moreover, there isn’t a time limit to reach that MOQ, so this means that if you reach that number in one day, nothing will change for you, and if you don’t reach it, but you still want to start fulfilling your orders right away, you can buy in advance some items and keep them in our warehouse for FREE, ready to be shipped out as soon as a new order arrives. 

It will help to:

·         Automate the sourcing process

·         Shorten your processing time

·         Improve the relationship with our suppliers, and this means better prices for you.

·         Faster deliveries for your customers

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