The difference between Yakkyofy Premium and Yakkyofy Premium+

With Yakkyofy Premium+ you will of course get the same features available for Yakkyofy Premium, such as:

the possibility to purchase 3d Models for AR of any product, Private Label items and custom packaging; access to our assistance via chat directly from your account, as well as priority for all your requests and Quality Check service for your products.

But you will also get more features such as:

  • A higher number of quotations consisting in 50 Dropshipping Manual quotes for the products which could not be found using our Chrome Extension and 30 Wholesale quotes;
  • The Shipping Calculator, which will help you get an estimate for the shipping costs when shipping multiple SKUs together
  • TheĀ Parcels Pick up Reminder which will show you all the parcels which are available for pickup at local forwarders' offices in case of failed delivery
  • A higher level of priority for assistance
  • The chance to schedule calls with our agents and to use WhatsApp as a communication channel for assistance
  • A Chinese agent who will personally take care of your quotations

To learn more about Yakkyofy Premium+ you can visit this linkĀ

Aug 9, 2022

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