How to cancel an order

Yes, you can cancel your orders until its status on the Yakkyofy Orders Tab is unfulfilled. When the order's status on the Yakkyofy dashboard is fulfilled or processing, you will not be able to cancel it anymore.

If you want to cancel the order inside your Shopify, you have to enter your Orders Tab inside your Shopify Store and click on the order that you want to cancel.

At this point, click on the button More Actions and then on Cancel Order. 

When you cancel an order on Shopify, the order will automatically be canceled in your Yakkyofy Dashboard and, in case it is already paid, your money will be automatically refunded in your eWallet.

If you want to cancel an order from inside Woocommerce you have to enter your Wordpress store, then in Woocommerce.

Click on the Orders tab and select the order that you want to cancel. You can cancel an order on Wordpress only if the order's status is Processing
. If the order has any other status, it can’t be canceled anymore.

In this case, you have only to move the status from Processing to “cancel” or to “refunded” and the order will be automatically canceled also on your Yakkyofy Dashboard and your money will be automatically refunded in your eWallet.

Please note that Woocommerce statuses are different from the ones on Yakkyofy so, orders can still only be cancelled when their Yakkyofy status is Unfulfilled.

If the order is unpaid, you can also cancel it directly from your Yakkyofy’s Dashboard. 

To do that from the Yakkyofy dashboard you will just need to visit the Orders>Dropshipping tab and click the Actions Button.


If you don’t want the refund on your eWallet, contact our Customer Care at

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