How to ask a quotation for private labeling your dropshipping products?

With Yakkyofy you can easily dropship products with Private Label. 

Please note that this feature is not available for Yakkyofy Free users, to be able to request manual quotation you should subscribe to our paid plans.

For further information, please visit our Yakkyofy Plans section at this link

To get this service, you need to order a small stock of products in advance, on which we can print your logo and that we keep in our Warehouse in Shenzhen ready to be shipped as soon as an order arrives on your store.

You can ask for a quotation for a product that you have already found in our catalog or ask for a quotation for a new item outside the catalog.

  • In the first case, visit PRODUCT >PUBLIC CATALOG, select an item and click on the WHOLESALE button.
  • In the second case, visit QUOTATIONS>WHOLESALE, click on the NEW REQUEST button and insert the link of a product that you have already found on Aliexpress, Alibaba, or Amazon.

In both cases, you will land on this page.

NB: please remember that if the product already exists on our system is always better to use the Wholesale button inside the product page, in this way your request will be faster

At this point, select STOCK FOR DROPSHIPPING and click the NEXT button.

Choose personalization, upload your logo in PDF or AI formats and describe where you want to print your logo. Keep in mind that the logo will be printed as it appears (same color and shape) in the file that you uploaded. 

Select the quantity per variant and SEND YOUR QUOTE.

After a maximum of 7 days, when the quotation is ready, you will receive a notification in your email. 

At this point, you need to go back to the Quotation>Wholesale tab, click on the name of the item, and pay your order with one of the available payment gateways.

Once you paid, an order will be created for you, under ORDERS> WHOLESALE and your products will be ordered from the supplier.

As soon as your stock arrives in our warehouse in Shenzhen, the order will be marked as fulfilled and, at the same time, our buyer office will also place your items in your Virtual Warehouse and create a new SKU for the new product.

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