Yakkyofy Chrome Extension, my product doesn’t have a shipping price

If our Chrome Extension's product search results will not display the shipping price, you can still get it quoted by asking our buyer office to calculate it manually by getting in touch with the suppliers.

To request a manual quote for the shipping cost, you should first visit the Quotations> Image Search tab and click on the Detail button to have the search results displayed.


Once the results will be displayed, scroll down to find the item you would like to choose. If it will not display a shipping cost like the one in the image below, you will still be able to request a quote by clicking on the Choose Product button.


Then, a new SKU will be created on the Quotations>Dropshipping tab, if it will show a Yellow icon it means that our buyer office will manually process the quotation for the shipping cost by getting in touch with the supplier in about 3-5 days.

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May 2, 2022

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