Yakkyofy Chrome Extension, if my Image Search Request is red

If you find your request in red on the Quotations> Image Search Tab, it means that our Chrome Extension could not find your product in our supplier's database.


Then, you should click on the Detail button to open the Image search quotation page.


You can now request a manual quotation to our buyer office in China by clicking on the Request A Quotation button.

Please note that this feature is not available for Yakkyofy Free users, to be able to request manual quotation you should subscribe to our paid plans.

For further information, please visit our Yakkyofy Plans section at this link


You will now find the quotation request on the Quotations>Dropshipping tab with a yellow mark which means it is being processed. A real person will contact the supplier to quote the product manually. Please note that the request will be considered as part of the amount of dropshipping manual requests available for your plan each 30 days.

pend aft.png

Once the request will be processed you will receive an email notification.

If your request will have a green mark on the Quotations>Dropshipping tab, it will mean that this product can be purchased from the supplier and shipped.


If your request will have a red mark on the Quotations>Dropshipping tab too, it will mean that this product is not available because either it cannot be purchased from the supplier or it cannot be shipped. Hence the quotation cannot be approved.


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