What is the Quotations tab and how does it work?

The Quotations tab is divided into three different sections:  

  1. the Image Search Section

  2. the Dropshipping Section 

  3. the Wholesale Section. 

Note you have some limitations in this Tab. You can ask: 

  • 30 Image search requests/month

  • 10 Manual requests/month

  • 3 Request for Wholesale quotations/month

In the Image Search tab, you will find all the results that our Chrome Extension find for your products, so in this tab you need to check this result and select the best for you.

Your Image Search Results can have three different states:

  1. green: the search is done and we found something

  2. yellow: you need to wait a little longer

  3. red: we couldn’t find your product 

If your quotation is green, click the title of your products to see your results.

On the left, you can see the products to ask for and on the right the result we find for you. 

Select the supplier that you prefer and click on choose product.

At this point there are 2 different options:

  1. if the product has both price and shipping you can import it immediately on your store

  2. if the product has the product price but not the shipping cost, you need to wait 3-5 days to have a manual quotation for your shipping price. This will be deducted from your monthly manual quotations.

If your Image Search is red, like this one in the picture below.

Click on the product title and then on the “Request a Quotation” Button to ask a manual quotation for the same item. In this case, a real person will provide to make this product quotation so you will need to wait 3-5 business days to have a response back.

In the Dropshipping tab, you can find all the quotations that you have approved in the Image Search Tab and all the manual quotations requested.

All the quotations that have a green status can be imported immediately on your store by clicking the product title.

If you click the “LINK symbol”, you will see the original link for the quotation.

If you click on the “Actions” button, you can delete the request.

Clicking  “Details”, you will enter in the Product Page and see all the details of the item, its variants, its price and the shipping price.

In the Wholesale tab, you can ask for a Wholesale quotation:

  1. to buy a stock to keep in our warehouse, get a discount and shorter your processing time

  2. to buy a stock to ship outside China

  3. to buy a stock to ship to an Amazon FBA location

  4. to buy private-labeled products.

There are two different ways of requesting a wholesale quotation: 

  • you can go to our catalog, choose a product and click the “Wholesale” Button.

  • you can click the “New Request” Button, on the top-right corner of your screen a request a quote for a new product.

NOTE: if the product already exists is always better to ask the quotations from inside the product page. Your request will come out faster.

When you click the “New Request” button, you can ask for a quotation for a product that you have already seen on Aliexpress or Alibaba, by just inserting the URL of the product page inside the search field.

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