How to track your packages and find where they are?

On the Yakkyofy Dashboard, inside your Orders > Dropshipping Tab, you can find all your orders. If you click on the “Details” button, you can see all the details of each order including the tracking number.


Under shipping status, you will find some information concerning your packages. 

The possible statuses that you can visualize are:


  • Pending:  new shipments without tracking information available yet.

  • Info Received: the carrier has received a request from the shipper and is about to pick up the shipment.

  • In Transit: the carrier has accepted or picked up shipment from the warehouse. The shipment is on the way.

  • Out for Delivery: the carrier is about to deliver the shipment, or it is ready to pick up.

  • Failed Attempt: carrier attempted to deliver but failed, and usually leaves a notice and will try to deliver again.

  • Delivered: The shipment was delivered successfully.

  • Exception: packages stuck at customs, undelivered, returned shipment to the sender or any other shipping exception.

  • Expired: shipment has had no tracking information update in  30 days.

To track exactly where the package is, copy the tracking number and paste it on this website. and click on Track.


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